Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Aaaaaaaaand I'm back...for now :-)

First of all, I think it is terrible that they call it "morning sickness."  Mine is definitely more of a "morning/noon/night/everywhere in-between sickness."  The good thing is that once I get itout, I feel yuck for a few minutes but then I feel pretty great.  Usually.

I am 11 weeks and 2 days along.  My first appointment was last Monday and it went swimmingly, as they say.  My doctor was wonderful, very understanding of our situation (ie the miscarriage) and how we are a little nervous.  He 
was very reassuring, but just to make sure WE felt as reassured as possible, he said we could do an ultrasound!!  We were hoping to be able to hear the heartbeat, but an ultrasound was more than we could have hoped for!!  

Here is the most BEAUTIFUL picture in the world, our little pickle!

Pickle was in the perfect position for his/her first photo op, so you can see the head in the left hand corner, perfect little hands/arms next, then a sweet little belly that is just BEGGING to be kissed, and finally little wonderful feet/legs.  I am so excited to meet this little one!!!

My first real craving was Sunday night, after getting an email from my sister-in-law describing her trip to a fish n' chip shop.  All of a sudden, I absolutely HAD to have Red Robin's Arctic Cod Fish & Chips (which were fabulous RR endless steak fries) with one of their AMAZING chocolate milk shakes.  The hubs and I shared both, and it was the perfect amount for both of us.  

Hmm, other than that, can't wait to find out the sex of the pickle whenever we can so that I can start sewing...clothes, bedding, whatever I can!  Oh so very exciting!

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