Tuesday, January 25, 2011

101 in 1001 update

I guess I'm mostly writing this post for myself, so that I can actually feel like I've done SOMETHING in the last few months!  Morning sickness has kept me down pretty much since before I even knew I was pregnant, so I am feeling very lazy, and not in a good, relaxing kind of way!  So here's my progress:

(Black font - haven't done, red font - done, blue font - in progress)

1.  Learn to play one song on the guitar
2.  Learn a new song on the piano
3.  Take pictures of every task on here
4.  Complete the DeLorem challenge
5.  Take a good picture of a waterfall
6.  Ride a tandem bike
7.  Be able to identify 5 different local birds
8.  Make a toy
9.  Get our geocache total to more than 1000
10.  Do 10 of the things in 1000 Things to Do Before You Die
11.  Make a purse or bag
12.  Grow herbs
13.  Take a photography class - Took a class by Katrina Kennedy and it was absolutely fantastic!  I'm also taking another class, but haven't finished the final assignment, so I'm not counting it...yet ;)
14.  Finish a scrapbook - I've FINALLY filled in some pages of Gracie's scrapbooks.  Yes, I had already made them in a class and never used them til now.  Don't judge me ;)
15.  Knit something other than a scarf
16.  Do one craft project a month
17.  Take one picture per day for a month
18.  Make a pillowcase dress

19.  Have a foreign food night - I finally felt like cooking a few weeks ago and made some Potstickers (super yummy!), peanut rice (fantastic the 1st day, gross the next cuz of the soggy peanuts), and some wonton wrappers filled with ricotta cheese, vanilla, cocoa powder, and cinnamon (apparently I don't like ricotta cheese very much!)
20.  Go to a place on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives - Went to The Nickel Diner in LA with the Schofields and it was pretty darn fab!  Chels and I were very impressed!  But not with the Maple Bacon Donut. 
21.  Go to a place from Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations - Went to Red's Java House in SF, which happened to be right where we park when we go to the Giant's games, which was very convenient!
22.  Try sushi - tried it at my sister-in-laws baby shower but wasn't in love with it.  I'm told you need to eat "good" sushi though, so maybe it wasn't "good" ;)
23.  Have an April Fool's dinner
24.  Make a big holiday dinner (Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc)
25.  Find 5 good and inexpensive organic recipes
26.  Make a vegetarian meal that J doesn't say “Where's the meat?” - I think I've actually done 2 of these, but can only remember one!  It was an arugula salad with pears and brie and it was to die for!
27.  One new recipe per month
28.  Make file of yummy recipes

29.  Try 1 new food per month
30.  Stick to a menu for 1 week
31.  Eat at least one thing that I've grown - we had a garden over the summer and though it didn't do great, I did get a few peas, zucchini, tomatoes, arugula, and lettuce out of it!  All were super yummy except for the lettuce, which was really bitter.  The peas we got so few of that Gracie and I ate them straight out of the garden since it wasn't worth getting a bowl to bring them in!  I think we got less than 10 total, but man they were good!
32.  Learn to can properly

33.  Keep room clean for 2 weeks
34.  Plant new grass - and I love it :)
35.  Put all pictures on CD
36.  Organize all pictures
37.  Christmas cards sent out on time
38.  Make lists of things in pantry to put on doors
39.  Fix kitchen light - and by "fix" I meant change the lightbulb...but now we have another one out ;)
40.  Move the fridge and vacuum behind and under it 2 times a year - did it once this year out of necessity when James put dishwashing soap instead of dishwasher detergent in and there were bubble everywhere!
41.  Touch up paint in entrance to kitchen
42.  Paint entrance to our bath
43.  Put pictures in the frames on hutch
44.  Go to bed with a clean house for 1 week - well this was a nice surprise!  I was thinking that I had written to go to bed with it clean for a month, so was bummed when we made it a little over 2 weeks and I got sick so couldn't keep up with it!
45.  Paint our bathroom
46.  Paint the hall
47.  Clean out the garage - done, and it looks marvelous!  We even had a yard sale and made a bit of moolah!

48.  Take G to a pumpkin patch
49.  Take G to Apple Hill
50.  Go to a zoo - went to the zoo in Washington DC and it was fantastic!  Can't believe that place is free and so gorgeous!

51.  Go away with J
52.  Geocache our way through a roadtrip
53.  Visit three Olympic parks
54.  Go on vacation with friends - went to LA with the Schofields and had a blast!  Besides my child hitting their child ALMOST the entire time they were together ;)
55.  Visit 2 new states - Ooooh, another bonus surprise!  I thought I put 3!!  We visited family in DC, which meant that we were able to hit both Virginia and Maryland!

56.  “Get ready” (hair, clothes, make-up)every day for one month
57.  Go on a girl date with Chels - went shopping at a ridiculously expensive mall, but luckily found a few H&Ms.  Def need to do another girl date with her though ;)
58.  See a picture of myself that I honestly l like
59.  Make a new friend
60.  Drive on the freeway - Oh boy, I'm basically a pro at this now!  Though I only go when I can see how busy it looks, especially when I have a kid or 2 in my car to distract me!
61.  Memorize 1 Scripture per month

62.  Participate in a half-marathon
63.  Take a new fitness class at the gym
64.  Do a bike ride from bikethewest.com
65.  Take multivitamin everyday for a month
66.  Stick to low carb high protein eating plan for 1 month
67.  Go hiking
68.  Workout 3 times per week for 3 months

69.  Family picture taken once a month
70.  Teach Gracie her ABCs - Every time we brush her teeth, we sing the ABCs 4 times (once for the top, bottom, together, and tongue) so she's getting it down pretty well!  Like all kids though, she gets messed up on LMNOP :)
71.  Teach Gracie a memory verse
72.  Sleep under the stars as a family
73.  Have another baby - due July 31st :)
74.  Go camping
75.  Take G horseback riding

76.  Watch all the John Wayne movies we have - watched a few this week, but my goodness we have a lot!  
77.  Watch the Top 100 movies (Yahoo list) - going to revise this again!  Using this list but only going to watch 50 of them that I haven't seen before.  The reason I changed it in the first place was because there were some on there that I don't want to watch (like The Shining), but the other list I was using has some very hard to find movies, and a few that were really terrible (Life of Brian was one of them...vulgar, rude, etc..though SOME relatives of mine love it ;))

78.  Read Bible once per week for 1 year
79.  Read from the Bible as a family once a week for 3 months
80.  Read through the Bible
81.  Do everything I plan to do in a book challenge - check!  Read some great boks too!
82.  Read 10 favorite young adult books
83.  Read or listen to half of the books on the Top 100 list that I have
84.  Be part of a book club
85.  Read at least 1 book a month for 1 year - Totally forgot about this one!  I think I probably did this last year, but since I don't remember specifically which ones, I'll start again!  January - Twenties Girl (loved it!  But I think Sophie Kinsella is great anyway)

86.  Go 1 week without extra spending
87.  Go one month without extra spending
88.  Stick to a budget
Wow!  Of all the "categories," I did not think that I'd finish this one first!  We've been doing a cash budget and love it!  We've actually been able to put a bit into savings finally, which is excellent!

Enjoying life
89.  Lie down on the grass and watch the sky with G
90.  Watch a sunset
91.  Watch a sunrise

92.  Go to the taping of a TV show
93.  Go to one new store or restaurant per month
94.  Talk to my grandma about her life
95.  Talk to my grandma and grandpa about their lives

96.  Pay for someone behind me in line (food, toll, etc)
97.  Find the “perfect present” for 5 people
98.  Finish d├ęcor in Sunday School room - someone actually took this over for me because they had a fantastic vision for the room and it is AWESOME!!!
99.  Win a giveaway - won the photography class mentioned in #13!!
100.  Get mentioned on a blog - got mentioned on Katrina Kennedy's blog here for winning the class and here for placing in the top for a photowalk I went on (which was an amazing experience!)

101.  Win a photo challenge

So all in all, not too shabby, but there are a lot of things I need to get a move on with!