Monday, December 22, 2008

Day Twenty Four: December 6th
Blurry, but still sweet, smiles
Day Twenty Three: December 5th
Meeting new friend Faith
Day Twenty Two: December 4th
Daddy time

Day Twenty One: December 3rd
Sitting up like a big girl!
Day Twenty: December 2nd
Cuddled up in a SwaddleMe and sucking a yummy hand

Day Nineteen: December 1st
Hmmm, let me think about that...
Day Eighteen: November 30th
Beautiful and wide-eyed
Day Seventeen: November 29th
Tail end of a sweet smile
Day Sixteen: November 28th
Mommy's favorite snuggle friend

Day Fifteen: November 27th

Snug as a Bug after Bathtime
Day Fourteen: November 26th

Crying because Mommy is taking a picture instead of feeding her

Day Thirteen: November 25th

Sweet Lil' Hands

Day Twelve: November 24th

Celebrating Mommy's Birthday

Day Eleven: November 23rd

(Almost) Naked Baby!!