Sunday, October 31, 2010

Photos from About A Boy

Here are some more pictures for the countdown to Halloween at About A Boy.  The lighting isn't great, being dark and all, but I had a great time shooting things that I normally wouldn't really think about photographing.  I also got to shoot at night, which I hardly ever get to do (I'm a total fraidy cat!).  I loved doing this countdown!

Favorite picture of the night - this was actually this morning but I love this picture.  It's not great photographically or anything, but I love that it shows how much she really loved the bounce house!  This is one of those great memory-makers for me.

Fill the frame:

Step to the Other Side: another great memory maker!  Jabba the Hut answered the door and Gracie would NOT say trick-or-treat, she would NOT say thank you, and she burst into tears!  It didn't help to have the red light filling the whole house!


Cut Off Parts: Being chased around by cousin Emery


Katrina Kennedy said...

Love these Sarah! You did a marvelous job of capturing wonderful memories of your Halloween! Well done!

Katrina Kennedy said...

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