Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Heart Faces Photo Walk

So yesterday was absolutely one of the best days ever!  I went on my first photo walk!  It was put on by one of my favorite sites, I Heart Faces.  Our fearless leader was Katrina Kennedy and she was FANTASTIC!  She even let me borrow a lens that I have been umming and awwing about buying.  What a gem!  I was able to ask questions and get some pointers, which was super helpful as I am just starting out on this fun adventure!  

I took over 500 pictures, almost all of a lovely, sweet girl named Marina.  She made it so much fun cuz she would do whatever any of the 26 of us would ask her to do.  Total sweetheart!  Very different from my usual subject who cries to be held 5 minutes into the "session" ;)

Here are some of my faves.  Some of them are not great, and I know that, but I was really just trying to do new things and play around with my camera.  So let me know what you think!  I'd love to get ANY kind of feedback!













There ya go! Like I said, I would appreciate any feedback, whether you are "into" photography or not!


Patty Snyder said...

I particularly liked #4, 8, 9 , 10 & 11. Very nice. Are you interested in taking portraits professionally? They looked professional!

Katrina said...

#9 and #11 are on my list! WOW. Great photos and so much fun to get to spend the morning with you :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Marina will be beyond thrilled with these!

Linda said...

Hey-think you did a fantastic job on using backgrounds; love the use of the unfocus (for lack of a better description); great framing too

Anonymous said...

Loved the ones of her big smiles, but #8 caught me because of the angle and the sharp forground and dim/blurrier background. So not photography lingo...I heart your blog!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Sarah I love the ones with the bright flower in the girls hair ,
They look like they have been taken proffessionally too x

Noj Rotsap said...

Really nice. Esp. like the washed out photos, but sometimes the dress is the only thing that comes out as foreground. Not sure how you could adjust that, though. My fav were 1 & 6, really nice color balance on these.

Also, I can see you in the picture with the glass background :).

Nicholle said...

#8 and #11 are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

Great job!!

It really was such a FUN day!!

The Schofield Family said...

I really like the blurred background. I also really like the effect on #5 (you can see you in the window--noticed that too, but not until the second time I looked at them). I also like #7, I think it was, with the focus around her and the trees, but the background had a cool "haze" to it. Very nice work my friend! Can't wait for our photo shoots on the beach! :)

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness. You did such a great job! I LOVE your images. I especially love that you could borrow a lens. How fabulous was that leader :). What lens was it? : )

I am glad you had a fun day. I loved looking at your pictures. Your city looks fantastically fun!