Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A few months ago I had seen a a pattern for an organizer at Ben Franklin. I had decided at that point that because I was spending so much on craft supplies, I would wait it out and if I thought about it again (meaning that I liked it so much that I would remember it!) I would go back and get it. I actually COULD NOT stop thinking about it, so I went back a few weeks ago to look for it, proud of myself that I had really thought about this purchase. But OF COURSE it wasn't there any more! I asked the lady and she helped me find this Sort Things Out! organizer, which was very similar.

So far, it's um, well, less than successful! I did everything exactly as it said to do, but it just did not look quite right. I think that some of the measurements were wrong, because it said that the pocket flap should be 5 inches wide and the pocket itself should be 8 1/2 inches wide. Now, if I was an experienced sewer, or maybe even if I had just thought about it for 2 seconds, I probably would have caught on to this! But I figured they knew better than I!! It looks fairly ridiculous as it is now, but I'm hoping to fix it tomorrow or the next day. Unfortunately, in this case, "fixing" it pretty much means redoing the entire thing.....ahhh well, asi es la vida! And it was a good learning experience! ;)

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