Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dear Mr. Tooth,
Please come out. You are causing my baby girl a lot of pain. You have made her clingy and cranky, two things that she has never been. You have been trying to come out for a couple of months now, so come on little guy, come out little fella, we won't hurt you. You will be safe here. You will have good job security, she will put you to work right away, and in this economy that is hard to find!

Thank you, and my family and I look forward to meeting you.


Rebecca said...

lol! Love the 'job security' part-loL! Poor thing. Mabel wasn't able to have her teeth bust through until her 14th month-way behind! Was cranky FOREVER! Only had 2 bottom teeth, then 6 teeth came in in one month-phew!

Sarah said...

Oh no! How sad for her! :( But nice that so many came in at once! I keep hoping that will happen for Gracie, so that all of this pain is not just for one little tooth!!

Christian said...

I just saw you were following my blog! WOW! Thanks for the compliment of following! This post is hilarious...job security...funny stuff!